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  CB53E: 53-Unit Charging Bank for Lamps KC3E-Ex & KH3E-Ex

CB53E Charging Bank is a wall mounting charging facility to charge 53 units of KC3E-Ex Cordless Caplamps and KH3E-Ex Helmet Lamps. It is compact, light weight, high capacity, low current, safe and easy to use. After starting the charging process, no further attention is needed as the automatic over-load protection function in each charging unit will cut off that circuit when the battery is fully charged. CB53E has 9 rows and 6 charging units in each row except first row, which has 5 charging units.



1: Power entry


3: Locks

4: Feet


Above section lock down
Below section lock up

Charging Unit

A charging unit supplies a 5.1VDC power to the caplamp. Two spring plate style electrical contacts not only guarantee the electrical contact to caplamp electrodes but also firmly hold the caplamp in place. A switch is located underneath the caplamp. With the caplamp inserted properly, the electrodes are connected and the switch is on. Each unit has a locking facility for padlocking the caplamp to the panel. A charging indicator indicates the charging state of this caplamp. There is a label groove on each side of the Charging unit, where you can stick a label to identify your position with your name, work number, group, photo or other information.

Power Distribution

The Charging Bank is powered from the 240VAC mains. A power supply generates a 12VDC and supplies it to all charging units. Thus, only extra low voltage is distributed in the cabinet thereby guaranteeing its safety. A Residual Current Breaker with Overload protection (RCBO) is located immediately after the power fuse to further safety of personnel.




2: Power suppliers

3: Extra low power distribution

4: Charging units

Label Identification

There is a label groove in both left and right sides of each charging unit. You can label the charging position using position number, work number, miner’s name, group name or other identification.

Stealing Prevention Facility

There is a padlock bracket under each charging unit. The lamp can be padlocked to this bracket through the lamp clip. It is suggested you padlock the caplamp whenever leaving it plugged in. It is recommended that mines use the Charging Bank as the only charging facility so that if a lamp is stolen it cannot be recharged. The individual chargers are intended for individual use only. The charging units in upper 4 row place locks under the caplamps. The charging units in lower 5 rows are in opposite direction so to place the locks above the caplamps. Such an arrangement make the caplamps easy access no matter the caplamp is in a higher position or lower position.


The circuits are accessible from the front panel for easy servicing. The front panel is the door. There are two locks, which can be opened using the supplied keys.

Charging Indication

The indicator starts from red for a fully uncharged caplamp, which is charged at a large relatively constant current. When the caplamp battery is nearly full, the indicator should flash alternatively in red and green and the charging current is gradually reduced with a constant voltage applied. When the indicator turns to steady green, no current is flowing and the battery is fully charged.


Two mounting holes are located in each of the two top corners of the frame. Two mounting kits are supplied. Mount the screws on the wall and the charging banks can be hung on the screws.



Charging Unit

Lamp models KC3E-Ex & KH3E-Ex
Input 240VAC
Output to lamps 5.1VDC/500mA
Power consumption <265W
Dimension 84 x 13 x 110cm
Weight 31 Kg