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  CB8: Dual Power 8-Unit Charging Bank for General Model Lamps

CB8 Dual-Power Charging Bank is a wall mounting charging facility to charge 8 units of Cordless Caplamps with either 240V AC mains power or via the cigarette lighter in any vehicle with 12/24V DC vehicle power. You can also can power CB8 with any standard 12~24V DC power supply >30W.. It is compact, light weight, high capacity, low current, safe and easy to use. After starting the charging process, no further attention is needed as the automatic over-load protection function in each charging unit will cut off that circuit when the battery is fully charged.

Typical Applications

  • Rescue operations: Back at the base, it can be connected to the mains power to charge the lamps and also keep the lamps in stand-by state. If in a fire-rescue truck or other mobile site, the lamps can be charged from the cigarette lighter in the truck.
  • Mines: Any applications with small groups of lamps such as a small mine, CPP or workshop. In remote operations where the mains power is not available such as drilling, charging lamps also can be performed in a fresh-air area underground where the 240V AC power is not convenient.
  • General situations: Contractors, specialised personnel, admin, visitor requirements, etc, that is for any situation that requires convenience, flexibility, and portability.


  • Powered by either main power of truck cigarette lighter
  • Powered by low voltage DC
  • Compact and light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to install in a truck

Package contents

  • Mians power cord to connect to the Mains outlet
  • Low power cord to connect to the vehicle cigarette lighter of a car or a truck.
  • Instruction


Charging Unit

Input 1 90~265VAC
Input 2 12~24VDC
Output to lamps 5.1VDC/500mA
Power consumption < 30W
Weight 1~1.1 Kg