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KT4P is designed for severe environments and tactical applications suitable for army, police, rescue, fire-fighting, mining, field services, excursions and other outdoor applications which need a mobile charging facility for mobile equipment or a torch in strong light, long operation and robustness.

Illumination operation

Main Mode: Normal illumination.
Auxiliary mode: Low luminous intensity or long operation
Pressing the button switch on the back to toggle in off Standard - Auxiliary.


Mobile power supply operation

As mobile power supply, KT4P can be used to charge various mobile equipment through the power socket on the right. The battery turns into a power supply in this application. An USB cable is supplied which connects the output power socket to your equipment being in charge.

Most mobile equipment can be charged from an USB port of a laptop or other equipment with an USB port. An USB charger or cable is normally supplied as a standard or optional accessory. Take Nokia mobile phone for example. CA-100 USB charger can charge most models of Nokia mobile phone from a laptop or computer. Using CA-100 and our USB cable, you can charge your mobile phone very conveniently

Typical equipment to charge: GPS, Radio, Night and Infrared vision, PDA, Mobile phone, Mobile DVD player, MP3/4 and iPod.

How to wear

The belt clip on the back of the torch can be hooked on pocket, belt, strap or other convenient places. A strap hole on top of the torch can be used for lanyard or wrist strap.

The LED light source and our concave reflector technology make it possible to change a conventional right angle torch into a “flat torch” so that the torch can be hold firmly and stably.

How to charge

These torches can be charged just like a mobile phone using the mains charger, through the charging
socket on the left side of the torch. Charging indicator is on in red once the charger is connected.

It also can be charged with any of our charging banks.


  • Lithium rechargeable battery to power the LED and asa mobile power supply;
  • Exceptional strength and rugged structure designed for the harshest environments;
  • IP67 enclosure for the highest dust protection and submersible water protection;
  • Strong protection from over voltage, over current and over discharge;
  • High level of luminous intensity, long distance light projection and extended period of operation;
  • Flat shape to wear on the body easily.

Battery 4AH / 3.7V
Weight 180g
Operating time (Standard Mode) 16hours
Charging time 8hours
Luminous intensity (Standard Mode) 2000cd
Battery lifetime 80% capacity after 500 full charging cycles
LED lifetime 30,000hours
Warranty 1 year replacement