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> CB53E: For KC3E-Ex & KH3E-Ex
> CB35E: For KC3E-Ex & KH3E-Ex
> CB8E: For KC3E-Ex & KH3E-Ex
> CB53: For other lamps
> CB35: For other lamps
> CB8: For other lamps
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A Charging Bank charges multiple lamps together. All our Cordless Caplamps and Helmet Lamps are compatible for all charging banks, except external models. Charging banks are compact, light weight, high capacity, low current and easy to use. The automatic over-load protection function in each charging unit will cut off the charging circuit when the lamp is fully charged and therefore you never need to intervene in the charging process once you start it. Each charging unit has an indicator for charging process. The lamp can be locked to the Charging Bank.

Different models are not just in different charging units, but also in different inputs to suit your power facilities. Choose the right charging bank based on your lamp number, power availability, safety requirement and cost..

Model features and Application

Model Lamp
CB53E 53 240VAC 12VDC KC3E-Ex and KH3E-Ex


35 24VAC 12VDC KC3E-Ex and KH3E-Ex
CB8E 8 240VAC or 12/24VDC 12VDC KC3E-Ex and KH3E-Ex


53 240VAC 12VDC Other models


35 240VAC 12VDC Other models
CB8 8 240VAC or 12/24VDC 12VDC Other models

Charging Procedure

There are two Charging Indicators as follows:
LCI (Lamp Charging Indicator):  LCI is in the lamp. It only indicates whether the charging power is connected or not. It is always in red.
CCI (Charger Charging Indicator):  CCI is on the charging bank or on the charger. It indicates the charging stages in two colours, by detecting the charging current. Green - No or small charging current; Red - Large charging current.

  • Connect the power of the charging bank and turn on the power switch on the panel. The CCI of a charging unit without lamp should be ‘on’ in green;
  • Turn off the lamp;
  • Plug the charging cable into the charging socket of the lamp; (For an external charging electrode model, plug the lamp into a charging unit or charger;)
  • The LCI should turn on; Otherwise, check the connection;
  • The CCI should turn red, indicating the initial charging stage if the lamp battery level is low;
  • After a few hours, the CCI will turn the colour in red and green alternatively, indicating the late charging stage;
  • When the CCI stays in ‘green’, the charging process is completed and the lamp is fully charged.