> KH3U-Ex: Standard Model
> KH3E-Ex: External Charging
> KH2M-Ex: Lightweight, 7-LEDs
> KH2B-Ex: Broad Beam, 10-LEDs
>KH3R-Ex: Side-Worn withWarning
> KSH2xy-Ex: Portable Safety Lamp
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Cordless caplamps are evolved from our world's first cordless caplamp. It integrates highly compact Lithium-ion battery cells and highly efficient white LEDs into a small IP67 caplamp case so that the traditional battery pack and electrical cable cords become redundant. Using our accessories, these lamps find various applications more beyond a caplamp. Various models are available to suit different applications. No matter if you need a powerful light or lightweight, at a low cost, focused beam for a long light projection or a wide-beam for close illumination, illumination only, signaling only or illumination plus signaling, you always can find a suitable model for your preference.

Our Cordless Miner’s Caplamp series is certified in IECEx and ANZEx for Australian underground mines.



  • Free you from the inconvenience of electrical cable and the burden of a battery pack, and also eliminates the possibility of any accident by bumping or snagging cable cord and increase working efficiency;
  • Very light weight, even lighter than a headpiece, only of traditional caplamps;
  • Adjustable angle to point wherever you see, near or far ---- to read and write, repair equipment or check the ceiling, significantly reducing dead corners
  • Multiple operating modes for different applications;
  • Natural LED light for a comfortable light environment;
  • IP67 housing with a fully integrated and sealed structure, and solid light source designed for the harshest underground mining environment;
  • Extraordinary safety - no acid or any toxin to spill, no flammable materials exposed, no heat on lens surface, no danger for personnel at all;
  • Various ways to wear, mount or attach for different applications, used as a caplamp, headlamp, torch or portable lamp;
  • Easy to charge. Strong protection from over voltage, over current, over charge and over discharge;
  • Various models of charging banks and single chargers available in different charging units and power input;
  • Very low maintenance to significantly reduce your lamp room cost. Easy to clean; No cable, bulb and headpiece to check or change; No repairing; No dedicated staff to look after charging

Wearing & Mounting Methods

  • Caplamp: Simply inserted in the lamp bracket on the helmet. The lamp clip is designed to fit in any Australian and American miner’s helmet.
  • Headlamp: Worn on a plain hard cap using our Cap Strap, or worn on the head directly by removing 4 Cap Hooks on the Cap Strap.
  • Mini-Torch: Just hold in your hand, easily carried in a tool box, pocket or on your belt.
  • Portable Lamp: Clamped to an object or magnetically attached to a metal using our Magnetic Lamp Bracket Clamp, worn on the belt using our Belt Worn Lamp Bracket, or fixed to a location using our Lamp Bracket.
  • Others: Various accessories available for other ways to wear or mount the lamp, such as Bar Bracket, Strap Bracket, Handle & Pocket Bracket, Tripod Bracket, Lanyard, Wrist Strap and Lamp Cluster. Other accessories include, a handy Mining Lanyard to connect the lamp to your belt to prevent the helmet from falling away in such situations as in front of a ventilation machine, Helmet Chin Strap to hold your helmet in place in active situations