> KH3E-Ex: External Charging
> KH2M-Ex: Lightweight 7-LEDs
> KH2B-Ex: Broad-Beam 10-LEDs
> KH3R-Ex: Side-Worn with Warning
> KSH2xy-Ex: Portable Safety Lamp
>KL2.4LM(A)R: Helmet Red Lamp in T4
Charging Banks
Lamp Accessories
Mining Torches
Helmet & Attachments
Pneumatic Membrane pump


A Helmet Lamp integrates highly compact Lithium-ion battery cells and highly efficient white LEDs into a small IP67 caplamp to achieve a fully sealed and structured lamp. The Helmet Lamp Series is evolved from our World’s First Cordless Caplamps and compliant to mining standards. While maintaining the light performance and quality, the circuit is modified for higher Ex- protection to achieve a Group IIC certificate for petrochemical industry and firefighting.

Various models are available to suit different applications. No matter if you need a powerful light or lightweight in low cost, focused beam for a long light projection or wide-beam for close illumination, illumination only, signaling only or illumination plus signaling, you always can find a suitable model for your preference.

Different from any headlamp on the market, as an original caplamp, our helmet light unit is attachable but separated from the Cap Strap. So the lamp can be used as not only a helmet lamp and head lamp, but also a mini-torch and portable lamp. Various accessories are available for your convenient applications.

Wearing & Mounting Methods

  • Helmet Lamp: Worn on any helmet using our Cap Strap, or fitted in the lamp bracket on a miner’s helmet.
  • Head Lamp: Worn on the head directly by removing 4 Cap Hooks on the Cap Strap.
  • Mini-Torch: Just hold in your hand, easily carried in a tool box, pocket or on your belt.
  • Portable Lamp: Clamped to an object or magnetically attached to a metal using our Magnetic Lamp Bracket Clamp, worn on the belt using our Belt Worn Lamp Bracket, or fixed to a location using our Lamp Bracket.
  • Others: Various accessories available for other ways to wear or mount the lamp, such as Bar Bracket, Strap Bracket, Handle & Pocket Bracket, Tripod Bracket, Wrist Strap and Lamp Cluster.


  • Multiple operating modes for different applications;
  • High light output and long operating period in mining level;
  • Natural LED light for a comfortable light environment;
  • Adjustable angle to point wherever you see, near or far ---- to read and write, repair equipment or check the pipes, significantly reducing dead corners
  • Fully integrated and sealed structure designed for the harshest underground mining environment;
  • IP67 housing for submersible water-protection and the highest dust-protection;
  • Separate light and Cap Strap to use the lamp as not only a helmet lamp and head lamp, but also a mini-torch and portable lamp;
  • Various accessories available for different ways to wear, mount or attach;
  • Various single chargers and charging banks available in different power input and charging units;
  • Easy to charge. Strong protection from over voltage, over current, over charge and over discharge;
  • Negligible running cost because of rechargeable battery and free of maintenance.