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  KC3E-Ex: External Charging Electrode Model  

The KC3E-Ex is the flagship model of our caplamp series. It has three LEDs. The Main LED, in the middle of the reflector, is used for both normal and high-beam illumination. The two Emergency LEDs, located on each side of the Main LED, operate for extended periods of time during an emergency.

KC3E-Ex features a superior illumination in just 155g, even less than the headpiece of a traditional caplamp. It is suitable for most underground mining applications.


There are three operating modes. Pressing the button switch toggles operating modes and off in the order as follow.

There are three operating modes.

Main mode (level 2): For normal working operation, delivering good illumination in excess of 14 hours duration.
High-beam mode (level 3):
Strong light beam for long distance projection, spotting, etc. Should only be used for short periods because the heavier battery drain shortens light duration.
Auxiliary mode (level 1): Power saving for long operation and low level illumination.
The Caplamp is switched off.

– Always starts up from the Main Mode when switched on.
– By toggling the operating button the Caplamp goes through Main Mode > High-Beam Mode > Auxiliary Mode > Off Mode
– Holding  the button down for 2 seconds switches the Caplamp off directly.
– If the lamp is kept in the High-beam Mode for 20 minutes, it will automatically goes to the Main Mode




Charging Methods

KC3E-Ex is charged through two charging electrodes on the lamp without any charging socket, so that a fully sealed structure can be achieved to significantly enhance the rigidity. There are two charging banks, CB35E/CB53E, to charge 35/53 KC3E-Exs.



  • KC3E-Ex can only becharged using above charging facilities specially designed for KC3E-Ex. Therefore, KC3E-Ex is not compatible with other chargers and charging banks.
  • KC3E-Ex is same as KC3D-Ex except charging methods.

Certificate Information

Ex Code: Ex ia I Ma IEC60079-35-1 IP67


Certificate #: IECEx TSA 10.0006X



Model Specifications   General Specifications
Battery 3 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Luminous intensity 3500cd for  Main mode
6000cd for High-Beam mode
Battery lifetime 80%C after 500 full charging cycles
Duration Main mode: 14h LED lifetime 50,000 hours
Charging time 8 h Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 155 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty


Cordless Benefits

  • No electric cord can be bumped or tangled;
  • Significantly reduces miner’s burden;
  • No back pain and injury any more;
  • No acid or toxin to spill;
  • No heat on lens surface; No burnable parts to cause fire;
  • IP67 case for the harshest mining environment;
  • As a warning lamp to wear on your back or attach to an object.
  • No cord and heavy battery that hinders work performance;
  • Minimized size and weight reduces burden on miners;
  • Adjustable angle and portability for extraordinary flexibility;
  • Time saved in issuing light to miners, attaching light and moving to workplace;
  • Less staff required in Lamp Room;
  • Various applications for one lamp to meet different illumination requirements.