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> KH3TP-Ex: Traffic Control
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  KH3TP-Ex: Traffic Control Portable Lamp & Caplamp


KH3TP-Ex is desinged for portable traffic control and illumination. It integrates a signal light in three colours and a cordless caplamp into a compact IP67 enclosure to achieve both functions.
The front light remains to be a caplamp, headlamp or portable lamp. Use our accessories for various illuminating applications.
The rear signal light can be in red, green or yellow. Other colours can be customised. Just hand it for convenient signaling or use our accessories for quick installation.


Operating Modes:

  • Main illumination
  • Auxiliary illumination
  • Signal in red
  • Signal in green
  • Signal in yellow


Press the button to turn it on;
Press the button in any mode to go to next mode;
Press and hold the button for 2 seconds, the lamp is switched off;
When switched on, the lamp starts from current modef. Therefore, when a favourite Operating Mode is used, the lamp turns to a single mode lamp staying in this mode as long as the battery is not flat.


Wearing/Mounting Direction

  • Handheld: Simply hold in hand as a torch or a portable signal light.
  • Head Strap: Worn either on the head using our Head Strap or on a hard cap using our Cap Strap, or directly fitted onto a miner’s helmet. It also cab be worn on one side of the helmet using our Side-Mount Bracket.
  • Belt wearing: Wear the lamp on the belt using our Belt Bracket.
  • Fixed location: Clamp the lamp to an object or attach it to metal using our Magnetic Clamp Bracket.
  • Mobile location: Quickly install the lamp anywhere using our Tripod.
  • Others: Lamp Bracket, Bar Mount Bracket, Handle and Pocket Bracket, Lanyard and other accessories


  • Strong signal intensity & long signal distance;
  • Long operating time to meet 14-hour mining shift;
  • Adjustable lamp angle facilities pointing in the desired direction;
  • Extremely light weight and so easy to wear and mount;
  • Various accessories make it extremely convenient to mount or wear in multiple positions;
  • Constructed from impact resisting material with a fully integrated sealed structure, designed

Certificate Information

Ex Code: Ex ia IIB T4 Gb IP67


Certificate #: IECEx TSA 10.0006X



Model Specifications   General Specifications
Battery 2.8 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Luminous intensity 1500lx for  Main+Emergency mode Battery lifetime 80%C after 500 full charging cycles
Duration 14 hours for Main+Warning mode LED lifetime 30,000 hours
Charging time 7 h Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 120 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty