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> KSH2xy-Ex: Portable Safety Lamp
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  KSH2xy-Ex: Portable Safety Lamp with Multiple Patterns in Dual Colours

KSH2xy-Ex is a very flexible model with two colours to choose from. "x y" specifies colours. Default type is KSH2r-Ex in Red and Blue; but you can specify other colors in orders using "x y". There are 5 operating modes available in different colours, patterns and LED numbers.




LEDs can be in stable 10-LEDs on in either colour for the best signal strength or flashing 4-LEDs in either colour for a long operation and a better visual effect. It also can flash between two colours with 4-LEDs. With these flexible options, there are 5 operating modes.

  • Press the button to turn it on;
  • Press the button in any mode to go to next mode;
  • Press and hold the button for 2 seconds, the lamp is switched off;
  • When switched on, the lamp starts from current mode. Therefore, when a favourite Operating Mode is used, the lamp turns to a single mode lamp staying in this mode as long as the battery is not flat.

Some available colors: r-Red, b-Blue, y-Yellow, g-Green, o-Orange.

Typical Applications

  • Vehicle indication: Attached on the back of, or in front of a mining vehicle
  • Site warning: Mounted on either a pole, support, wall, tank, equipment or other objects
  • Emergency: Installed at an emergency site
  • Personal safety: Worn on either the belt or the helmet
  • Traffic control: Used as a handheld or fixed traffic light.
  • Others: Such as sending messages for evacuation, danger and state report.

Mounting & Wearing Methods

  • Fixed location: Screw or glue a Lamp Bracket to an object then attachl the lamp on it.
  • Mobile location: Clamp a Magnetic Clamp Bracket to an object then attach the lamp on it.
  • On metal object: Magnetically attach a Magnetic Bracket Clamp to a metal object then attach the lamp on it.
  • On belt: Wear a Belt Worn Bracket on the belt then attach the lamp on it.
  • On Helmet: For miner’s helmet, simply fit the lamp in the lamp bracket on the helmet. For a plain hard cap, wear a Cap Strap or mount a Lamp Bracket on the hard cap then attach the lamp on it. You can also wear the lamp in side way using our Side Lamp Bracket.
  • Hold in the hand: Hold the lamp in hand. Wrist Strap can help secure the lamp.
  • Other ways: Various other accessories provided for your convenient applications including Bar bracket, Head strap, Lamp Gorilla


  • Strong signal intensity & long signal distance;
  • Long operating time to meet 14-hour mining shift;
  • Adjustable lamp angle facilities pointing in the desired direction;
  • Extremely light weight and so easy to wear and mount;
  • Various accessories make it extremely convenient to mount or wear in multiple positions;
  • Constructed from impact resisting material with a fully integrated sealed structure, designed

Certificate Information

Ex Code: Ex ia IIB T4 Gb IP67


Certificate #: IECEx TSA 10.0006X



Model Specifications   General Specifications
Battery 2 AH, Li-ion Operating voltage 3.7V
Duration 8 hours for 7_LED stable
14 hours for 4-LED flashing
Battery lifetime 80%C after 500 full charging cycles
Charging time 8 h LED lifetime 50,000 hours
Operating current 150 mA Enclosure rating IP67
Weight 140 g Warranty 1 year replacement warranty
KS2xy KS2xy KS2xy KS2xy KS2xy KS2xy