Uncertified Cordless Caplamps
Certified Helmet Lamps for Petrochemical
Charging Banks
Lamp Accessories
Mining Torches
Helmet & Attachments
Pneumatic Membrane pump

R & D
  Our R&D team has a strong expertise in industrial and commercial LED lighting design, especially for a severe environment such as mining. We are also experienced in intrinsic safety, high IP rating enclosures and rechargeable batteries. We are ready to discuss any cooperation model with you for the development of LED lights and other products.
  Our China factory has strong capability for manufacture of LED lights and mechanical parts. The mass production facilities guarantee the world lowest manufacturing cost for your products.

The factory is Quality Assured in three international quality management standards – ISO9001, IECEx OD005 and ATEX.ZQS/E274. Three audits per year by three international organisations guarantee the production in western standards.
Product Sourcing

We have close connections to world manufacture centre for various products, especially for LED, intrinsically safe apparatus and mining equipment. We can find products in the highest performance/cost ratio for you. The quality is ensured in a competitive price. You will not be charged until you are completely satisfied with what we find for you. In most situations, the manufacturer will make modifications to meet Australian standards and market requirements. How we share the cost of modification, certification process and market entry will be negotiable.